Overgom opens new platform in Sardegna
18 July 2011

Overgom proudly announces the opening of a new warehousing and distribution facility in Sardinia. This new location is only a few kilometers outside of Cagliari in the city of San Sperate. This investment is made by Overgom in order to better serve its customers in Sardinia and expresses the confidence of the company in the local market.

The warehouse is situated in a 4,000 square meter area. All type of tire segments offered by Overgom will be stocked in this facility; passenger car tires from premium to budget brands and motorcycle- and scooter tyres. There will also be particular attention for agricultural, industrial and truck tires.

Overgom is a leading tire distributor in Italy with activities across Europe. It’s headquarters are in Turin, Italy and it maintains warehouses and distribution centers in various cities in Italy, such as Milan, Rome, Brescia, Verona, Udine, Cesena, Cagliari, Genova and Prato (Florence). Since its foundation in 1977, Overgom has grown consistently every year and has developed into one of the leading tire distributors in Italy.

For more information please contact Overgom at +39 011 9497011